Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY: Easy Instagram Collage

Hello all!

I have been loving the Instagram collages on Pinterest and was wondering how to make one for weeks now. I have a million pictures on my Instagram of me and my boyfriend's dog, Dukie. I wanted to make a collage of all of the pictures I have of Duke and give it to Shane on his Birthday on Saturday. I am not good at using Photoshop and other programs like that, which many of the tutorials used to make their collage. I have used Picasa for a long time now and love it. It is super easy to use and best of all... it is FREE. Click here to download it for yourself. I made a folder for the pictures I wanted to use. I went on my computer and used Statigram (a web viewer for Instagram, but you can use the actual Instagram site too) and saved all of the pictures I wanted to use to the folder.Then I imported the folder to Picasa and clicked "Make a collage" and edited how I wanted it. I made an 8x10 collage. Then I saved it and uploaded it to the Walmart site and ordered an 8x10 print of the collage. You could also print this at home to save money, I just don't have a printer at my apartment.

Easy peasy!

Here are the settings of my collage:

Here is what the collage looks like:

1 hour 8x10's from Walmart are only $2.84. Cheap! Tomorrow I am going to pick it up and get a white frame for it. I can already tell it is going to be a great and easy but thoughtful gift! I will post pictures of the final gift tomorrow.

Happy Crafting,


  1. Hey Cally,

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